A message from the president

Our group deploys its resources at every level to develop an IT services group...
... while retaining the human dimension at the heart of the project.

« The Enlil group was born at the end of 2006. It brings together a group of private investors, each of whom shares the same management philosophy, with the men and women who make up that business. They decided to pool their resources and participate in a business development venture. This association led to the creation of Enlil Holding SAS. Since the company was founded in 2007, other shareholders have joined us, all with the common aim of managing the resources of Enlil Holding in a people-focused, effective manner.
In fewer than ten years, the Group’s consolidated annual turnover has almost reach 6 million US dollars. The story does not end there because, since the end of 2013, some of our investment were done outside France, offering new perspectives and new opportunities for growth. The North American market has opened up a new frontier for our Group and we are exploring our options for new locations in France and overseas.
Our initial aim – to build a group that would be capable of dealing with IT systems from end to end – is taking shape and we are convinced that the Group will soon be one of the leading players in the IT market.
David Albonico, president of Enlil Holding.