History of the name

Enlil, the ancient god, a new beginning for the Humanity

In Babylonian mythology, Enlil, the father of the gods, decided one day that, as humanity was preventing him from sleeping, he would destroy it once and for all. The other gods were upset by this as these imperfect creatures were created in order to serve them. Before it was too late, Ea, the god of water, decided to warn Utanapishtim, a wise man who lived in a house made of reeds. In the night, Ea whispered what was about to happen to Utanapishtim through the walls of his house.
In Utanapishtim’s dreams, the reeds repeated the message: “Demolish your house and build a boat. Give up your possessions to save your life.” Utanapishtim followed these divine words and build a giant boat, surviving the flood. As a reward, the gods made him immortal and sent him to live far away from his place of birth, and convinced Enlil to allow humanity to be reborn.

Enlil God